Dr. Lynne Zimmerman
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About Dr. Z.

Dr. Lynne Zimmerman is the author of Heal Yourself:  Using the Proven Mind-Body Connection.  In this breakthrough book, Dr. Zimmerman illustrates with brain mapping studies, how the natural plastic processes of the brain can be used for human healing and change.  For the past ten years, Dr. Zimmerman has researched brain plasticity, redefining mind-body energy medicine processes that create a new brain map for emotional and physical transformation.

Dr. Zimmerman studied biology and psychology at the University of Minnesota. She holds a B.Sc. in Human Biology and a professional degree in Chiropractic and physiotherapy from Texas Chiropractic College, where she studied orthopedics and neurology, and graduated with honors.  She completed post-graduate studies in EFT,  NLP,  hypnotherapy and medical hypnosis at the Center for Hypnotherapy in Oakland, CA.  Dr. Z. practiced physical medicine for nine years before transitioning to energy medicine.    

Dr. Zimmerman works with clients to heal and transform pain and personal limitations at the deepest levels of the human being:  the unconscious programmed responses that create self-sabotage; the brain wiring that limits our happiness and success; the neural chemistry that influences our emotions; the buried memories that continue to shape our present and our future; and at the cellular level, the internal messages that determine  our physical vitality and youthfulness or fatigue and early aging.