Dr. Lynne Zimmerman
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Appointment Options

New Clients:  New client session is 90 minutes.  This allows us time to evaluate your needs and history, as well as introduce you to the principles of energy medicine and how it works.  The second half of this appointment is your first personalized energy medicine session. 

Subsequent sessions are scheduled according to your individual needs.  These sessions are most often 55 minutes.  If you are working through a particularly difficult trauma or circumstance, or you feel that you need a longer session, you can schedule accordingly. 

Phone Sessions 
Our sessions are conducted by phone.  Phone 
sessions are very successful and convenient, providing a close and comfortable connection for healing work, no matter where you live.  You only need a place where you will not be disturbed, a comfortable chair or bed and ear buds or a headset that can attach to your phone.
You may also request Skype, if that is your preference