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Chronic Pain

 $262 billion.  That’s the estimated cost of chronic pain every year in the U.S.  The cost in human suffering is much greater.  When a family member suffers pain for months and even years, the family dynamic changes, and life centers around their suffering.  Even when the damage appears to be repaired, millions suffer with unrelenting pain.  Energy medicine can help you turn off pain when nothing else helps.  Thousands of people have found lasting relief with energy medicine.  You can learn to use energy medicine tools for yourself, so that that whenever you need to, you can relieve and release pain. 


With energy medicine, you will discover how to access your inborn healing resources and find relief from chronic pain.  I have seen people without hope create impossible  miracles, using these therapies.

This is how chronic pain works:  the brain has two tracks for pain:  the nociception track alerts us of potential damage to the body.  This is the message that tells us to pull our hand from the fire and get to a hospital.  The second pain track creates our perception of pain—how we feel.  Sometimes after everything possible has been done to repair the body, the patient is still in pain.  The perception pain track is stuck in the “on” position, and the person suffers constantly.  Their waking moments are filled with suffering, and their sleep is often interrupted by pain as well.  For these people, energy medicine seems like a miracle. 

Recent research tells us that 80% of real, physical pain comes from brain messages.  Chronic illness and emotional trauma create an ongoing signature energy in the brain and body.  This lingering energy pattern can create years of physical pain despite surgery, therapy and prescription drugs.  With energy medicine techniques such as acupoint tapping, you can transform the underlying trauma and heal the pain. 

If you experience chronic pain without enough lasting relief, speak with Dr. Z.  Ask how energy medicine techniques can help heal your pain and transform your life.