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New Video
Rewire Your Brain
Part 1  Unconscious Stress:  Fat, Diabetes, Cancer 


New Video
Rewire Your Brain
Part 2  Dialing Down Unconscious Stress


New Video

Heal Your Broken Heart:

Releasing Emotional Pain With EFT

with Dr. Lynne Zimmerman

Has your heart ever been broken?  Do you suffer the damage of relationships from the past that have never healed; family dynamics that create painful self-worth issues; degrading encounters with teachers or employers; the death of a pet, parent, child or partner; rejection or betrayal in your love life? 

Most of us have experienced a broken heart on some level--some of us so deeply, it has created not only self-doubt, but also a blueprint for insecurity and pain in the relationships we have with other people.  Unhealed emotional pain keeps us from experiencing the amazing bliss that we all deserve, and it limits the kind of relationships we can create and sustain.     

What if you could finally heal your pain, transform your trauma, expand your life beyond the limitations of unhealed grief?

What if you could feel less confusion and more clarity?

Less regret and more self-compassion?

Less suffering and more deep healing?

In this video, learn how heartache initiates a signature ongoing energy in the body cells, the brain and the emotions, creating future emotional pain and undermining the deep happiness we all want. Learn how to process heartache and emotional pain out of your mind, your emotions and your body

with EFT, the breakthrough mind-body healing technique also known as psychological accupressure.  EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) heals and renews the mind, the emotions and the body.

Heal your pain, transform your grief and bring in new energy for joy and expansion!   

Here is the link:  


Miracles Anywhere--

I want to share this with my tribe of awesome, expanding, amazing pathfinders. This was such an incredible moment--the timing of such things is amazing to me.  I can't describe how wonderful I felt afterward--as I look at the story, it seems like such a small

interaction.  But it didn't feel small.  It felt so full--overflowing.  I felt this amazing wonder at the fullness of my life--so filled with gratitude.  Maybe from the incredible energy of the hug I received from this boy.  I was buzzing with joy all day.    

I wrote it in the miracles post of my online seminar group: 

Miracle Family, such a cool miracle today: I'm still listening to the Lynne Twist class.  Each time I hear new things that I didn't focus on before.  For the past few days I've been marveling at the wisdom and absolutely miraculous state of "nurturing, appreciating and making a difference with what we already have. Working with what is already there."

This morning I was having the oil changed in my car at Walmart. When I came to a natural break in the work I had brought with me, I got up to walk and ease my back.  I found myself in the whiz-bang electronics accessories department-- earbuds, cases, everything for iPods and phones. My old earbuds are falling apart, so I stopped to look.

Just a few feet away I noticed a boy about 15 years old-- maybe older-- he has Down's Syndrome, and these people radiate such sweetness and innocence, they look much younger. Anyway, he was looking through the $4.00 bin, searching for some good DVD's with a benevolent-looking woman in her forties looking on.  I noticed how sweet and patient she was with him, though she herself looked tired and life-worn. She was encouraging him to search more bins to find additional videos for his stack.

I had the immediate instinct to give them $20 for an extra treat.  
I hesitated, considering how I could best approach them, wondering if it would offend them. My ex-husband recently reminded me to be careful about how I offer help to people in need.  "They might be struggling, but they have pride."  I am at pains, always, to do this kind of thing like a ghost.  I only want it to be good.  But I hesitated.

The instinct to give this boy the $20 bill I knew I had in my purse was so strong.  So I thought about how I could approach the woman. I walked up and said, "He reminds me of my son at that age. He radiates such sweetness."  She said, "His mama and I were best friends since we were nine years old.  Mama died last year.  He stayed with me until his sister could get things together to have him live with her.  Now I get to have him in the summers."  I held out the folded money and said, "Could I give you this for an extra treat for him?"

She was so delighted!  She said, " Tomorrow is his birthday! You can give it to him yourself!" She introduced us. ( His name is Joe. Hers is Lisa).  Joe's face lit up-- now I understand the phrase "wreathed in smiles."  Such a happy, loving presence!  I had the impulse to give her my phone number.  I only had a professional business card, but still I felt that I needed to give her my number.

She looked at the card and said," God must have sent you to us today. I have terrific pain that I can't get rid of.  I tell myself I can handle my stress, but it's so big sometimes.  I'm checking my daughter into rehab.  My friend has cancer.  She has three more treatments, but it has been hard on her.  Hard on everyone.  I think you can help me."

I asked her to email me and told her that I'll send her links to the videos I made for releasing stress with EFT.  We had a 30 second conversation about that, and then I turned to leave. She said, "Can I give you a hug?"  I'm a hugger, so I loved this.  And then Joe hugged me, spontaneously, joyfully-- so joyfully, I couldn't stop the tears.

So, another long saga, but I needed to share this with you, Miracle family. This incredible synchronicity evolved from my noticing, experiencing, feeling incredibly grateful for, the richness of my life as it is now.  At one point, this beautiful energy overflows.  There's no other way. Today it overflowed to a boy named Joe, and his mama's best friend.  I feel so incredibly privileged, so grateful for this opportunity.  Miracles. Another Tiny Tim moment.
I love you, every one! XOXO

Quantum Nurturing:  Castles in the Air

The energy of nurturing is one of the most powerful on earth. We  celebrate it every Mother’s Day.  But what is nurturing, really?  It is the energy of thriving.  

When we’re exhausted, tired, stressed, what are we missing?  Nurturing.     
When we feel sad beyond healing, what do we most need?  Nurturing.
When our patience is at an end, when the day is too long, when the goal is way too far off, what is our soul yearning for?  Nurturing.  

Nurturing transforms a seed into a Sequoia, a puppy into a best friend, and a mind into a magnificent resource.  Nurturing takes in fatigue and creates vitality; replaces stagnation with momentum; melts despondency and gives rise to breathless anticipation.      
When was the last time you felt nurtured?  When is the last time you nurtured yourself?  Yesterday?  Last week?  Can you remember?
Few of us ever resonate with nurturing deeply enough to change our lives.  But we can.  We can resonate with the ultimate planetary nurturing by  connecting with the energy, the resonating frequency, of Earth.  The Earth  resonates at about 7.8 Hz.  When we meditate, our brain resonates at this  same frequency.  In meditation our brain begins processing in alpha waves,  the brain waves of vibrant energy, creative problem solving, and anti-aging  cellular restoration.  With these revitalizing brainwaves we are synching  our energy with that of our planet, and we feel amazing. 

You don’t have to spend an hour a day meditating in order to feel nurtured.  There’s an easy way to help your brain get into alpha wave processing. Give yourself ten minutes a day to daydream.  Yes, you read that correctly.  When we daydream, we naturally drift into alpha brain waves.  When we build castles in the air, we’re actually tapping into the synchronized brain 
waves that are most vitalizing to both our body and our creative juices.      

On Mother’s Day, as you reflect on the nurturing influences in your life, give yourself a nurturing treat:  allow yourself to daydream for a few minutes.  Let your imagination take flight, no limits.  Feel the lift in  your body and your soul.  Then do whatever it is that nurtures you personally the most, whether it’s reading a great book, riding your bike under the stars, or sipping a mocha fudge latte.  Nurture yourself, and see the ripple effects all around you.

Sending you nurturing energy,

Dr. Z

For more info on tapping into the creative stream of alpha brain waves, here are some links:







The Voice

After you watch this video—and you must—then consider: How many of us have been hurt—damaged– by cruel words about our physical appearance?  How many opportunities have we passed by because we were repelled by someone else’s looks?  What would the world miss if we hadn’t heard this young man’s voice?  A voice that makes angels weep with joy. If we pass by or worse, ridicule, those who don’t match our ideas of perfection, we miss some of the most profound experiences of this lifetime.  Like this young man, whose voice brought an entire audience of skeptics to their feet, cheering and weeping with joy at the pure unexpected beauty of his voice.  Let us keep our eyes and hearts open to the beauty hidden in every soul. We owe it to ourselves and to them.


Bureaucracy, Kindness and the Immune System

With this title, you think I’m kidding, right?  Nope. Yesterday I had to enter the bureaucratic arena, in order to submit paperwork related to business licensing.  Even though it was only a change of location, in my part of the country this involves several government agencies, including fire department inspections, county licensing requirements and others.  One office in this lineup is famous for hours of waiting.

But yesterday was different.  After less than 30 minutes in the waiting area I was called to a service station. The clerk across the desk was wearing a pleasant expression, but her vibe was stress and pain.  She had a support guard on her wrist, and as she began processing my paperwork I asked if she was experiencing carpal tunnel syndrome.

She winced and said, “No, I was in a car accident. I broke the bones in both my hands when they hit the windshield.  I’ve already had surgery. It’s been two years, but it hurts so much. Today I got five shots in my hand for the pain.”

She finished with my paperwork and smiled.  “You’ll have to wait on the fire inspection, but you’re all set.”  Though she was smiling, I could see pain in the set of her facial muscles and in the way she held her body.
I talked to her then about ways she could relieve the pain: alternating heat and cool packs to irrigate the tissues and diminish irritation, and vitamin C to reduce inflammation and build healthy collagen.  We talked quietly for a while, and I told her about a patient who was able to resume athletic activity including skiing, after using this regimen.

I got up to leave, and then saw her hand lying outstretched on her desk—the hand that had been broken in seven places and still hurt.  The hand she could barely hold up.  She was holding out her hurting hand to shake my hand.

“Thank you, thank you so much,” she cried softly.  “Thank you for telling me all this!” Tears shone in her eyes and trickled down her cheeks. I shook her hand gently and told her I would be sending her good energy.

I left the building, shocked by her reaction to my words, but so grateful that she and I could connect in such a perfect, synchronous way:  there were lots of clerks and plenty of people waiting to have their papers processed, but I ended up in front of her desk.
The rest of the day I felt elevated and full of wellbeing in a way I find hard to describe.

Then I remembered the Human Immune Principle: when we receive an act of kindness, our brain produces endorphins, the feel-good chemicals, and we boost our immune system.  When we do an act of kindness we produce endorphins and boost our immune system.  If we even witness an act of kindness, we produce endorphins and boost our immune system.  Just that bit of time chatting with a person in pain transformed my whole day into an endorphin cloud of happiness.
We are meant to be givers of good:  it’s that simple.  And every day, we’re presented with opportunities to share goodness:  holding the door for a stranger with their arms full, holding the elevator (ooh, can you do it?), even on days when we’re stuck with bureaucratic chores.

I’d love to hear about your experiences with synchronous connection and kindness:  please share them with me on my Facebook page:


Sending you good energy,
Dr. Z

For more information about boosting your immune system, releasing stress and feeling great, here are some links:







Dear Friends,
If you could change anything in your life, create anything, what would it be?

Would you heal the pain that has wakened you in the night for the past ten years?  Would you transform the emotional trauma that still haunts you?

Would you create relationships that you love and that love you back? Would you enjoy an amazing career, expand your entire life?

My book Heal Yourself was inspired by the incredible stories of thousands of patients and clients who have transformed their own lives with energy medicine.

By creating a new brain map, these people sent new messages to every cell in their bodies.  By excavating their unconscious self-sabotage, they transformed their relationships and careers and created lives of radiant joy.

You can hear their amazing stories and learn to use the same processes to absolutely transform your life:

On Saturday March 10, I'll be at the Crystal Way Book Store in San Francisco, sharing the remarkable triumphs of the people who inspired Heal Yourself,
and the energy medicines that you can use to make your own miracles happen.  Join us, won't you?

Looking forward to connecting with you,

Dr. Z







In this half-hour show, I talk with Donna Seebo about using energy medicine to make weight loss easier and melt away stress. We also talked about identifying self-sabotage, and the amazing quantum physics of shamanic healing.  Enjoy!

With good energy from Dr. Z

Click here for the radio show interview, and scroll down to the show on February 15, 2012.

Energy Medicine for Pain and Mood Swings

Did you know that pain creates a signature in both the brain and the body? This “red flag” can make physical pain worse, and keeps it active in our awareness.
In this interview I talk with Francine Marie of Lightmuse Radio about using energy medicine for chronic pain, stress and hormone-related mood swings.  (We also spent a few minutes reflecting with love on our animal gurus!)

Here is the link:


For more information on how to use energy medicine to enhance your energy and create feel-good emotions, here are some links:



Sending you great energy for your body and your emotions,

Dr. Z

Message from the Sequoias

I recently received a striking visual from a friend.  I asked her what she sees when she imagines a place that is entirely beautiful and restful.  She said that one of her favorite places is the Sequoia forest in northern California.  She described these magnificent and ancient trees:  bark several inches thick, spongy and resilient, providing protection from the most extreme weather, and an interlinking root system between the trees that is thousands of years old.  Every tree is interlinked with every other tree via this invisible but massive root system.  Whatever storms may lash this forest, no matter what gale-force weather thrashes its branches, the interwoven roots hold each tree in place.  They are one; their strength, resilience and longevity are sustained and immensely magnified because of their intricately and beautifully woven connection.
This magnificent image has resonated with me ever since.  The symbolism was not lost on me:  quantum physics tells us that we are all connected:  each of us, with every rock, every plant, every animal, the star we admire and the drop of ocean that is halfway around the globe.  We are connected with every energy on this planet and far beyond.

This Valentine’s Day, let us remember that we are never alone.  We are each interwoven with the lives of every sentient being on the planet, animals and humans alike, and we are a part of the interwoven life cycle of our planet, our mother the Earth.  What we do matters—for everyone.

Let us today resonate love and appreciation for every sentient being—each connected with us.  And let us extend our beautiful, supporting roots, the energies that connect us with our best selves, with everything we’re becoming and everything we want to be:  the energies of compassion, kindness, expansion, light and love.  These are the energies that connect us with our greatest strength, our greatest creativity, our most profound solutions, and most of all, with each other.
I’d love to hear of your experiences with connection.  

Please share them with me here:  http://www.facebook.com/DrLynneZimmerman

For more information about everyday healing with quantum physics, here are two more links:



With gratitude for our connection and all that we share,
Dr. Z.

Interview with Patricia Raskin on VoiceAmerica

Is easier weight loss one of your dreams? In this interview with Patricia Raskin, I talk about energy therapies for weight loss, addiction and chronic pain.


Amazing Stuff Waiting for Us in This Universe

“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.” ~ Carl Sagan

I heard this quote today from my literary agent, Lisa Hagen.  What an amazing insight!  It reminds me of Thomas Edison, who said that the ideas for his inventions, indeed, all the ideas for everything new, are “in the air.”  Edison used an unconventional technique for accessing these ideas:  Instead of regular sleeping hours, he would nap often, sitting up and holding steel marbles in his hand.  When he began to drop off to sleep, at the point when deeper brain waves, known as alpha waves, kick in, the marbles would fall from his hand and he would awaken.  In this way he was able to spend much more time in alpha waves, the brain waves that give us access to the creative genius of the subconscious mind.

There is so much amazing stuff waiting for us in this universe.  So many wonderful ideas to grasp, creativity to spark, innovations that will transform life on our planet.  Like Edison, each of us has the ability to tap into the energy of the spheres, the universal energy that connects us all.  Quantum physics tells us that all are connected, that there is no division between us and every other energy in the universe, including the energy of the idea we’re looking for today, whether that idea is how to solve a business issue, a relationship problem, a health challenge for our pet, or a crisis that rocks the whole planet.  The solution we’re looking for is in the very air we’re breathing.  The answer we’re looking for today is only one of those incredible somethings Carl Sagan was talking about—it’s out there, right now, waiting to be known.

Our subconscious mind is the part of us most connected to innovation, creativity and unconventional approaches to problem-solving.  Researchers who measure brain waves report that when we experience a sudden brainstorm of creative thinking, we’re using alpha brain waves, the deeper brain waves associated with the subconscious mind.  A great way to tap into creative problem solutions is short, regular sessions of meditation—quietly breathing, removed from distractions, even for just a few moments.

People who meditate regularly develop easier access to the alpha wave creativity of the subconscious mind.  Not only do they access creative problem-solving, they experience lower blood pressure, a better immune system, and better sleep.  More on the benefits of alpha-wave thinking in the weeks to come.
In the meantime, take five and just breathe.

Hello Friends,
Lauren Sherman of Forbes.com has said that with high unemployment and low insurance coverage, millions of Americans are looking for self-treatment options.

New research confirms this principle: change the messages the brain sends to every cell in the body and you rewire your immune system, banish stress and revolutionize your energy.

Change the messages the brain sends to your emotion centers and you dispel depression, heal emotional trauma and release addiction.

In this interview I talk with Vivan Komori about remaping the brain with energy medicine tools. You can learn to use these techniques yourself with spectacular results! Tune in and learn how.

(The first 13 minutes of this interview are preliminary chat between radio hosts Vivian Komori and Katie Nelson.)


click on archives and we’re there. Enjoy!

Dr. Lynne Zimmerman

Want to have better energy, handle stress easily and stay young longer? With alpha brain waves you can enjoy these terrific perks, plus sharpen your memory and intuition. In this show Sharon Bridwell and I talk about how to access alpha waves and their feel-good energy more of the time.  Sending good energy from Dr. Z 


Amp your Magic: Celebrate the Past, Ignite the Future 
Year’s end and year’s beginning—a time of immense power.  Today you shape the coming year to serve your purpose, your fulfillment, your bliss (yes, bliss).  Today you ignite your own internal light, your power and your momentum.  

I invite you to take a few deep, easy breaths.  Close your eyes for a moment. (When you close your eyes, you access different parts of your brain and memory.) Look at last January—the person you were then.  Look at the dreams you had.  Look for a moment at the successes, the changes, the failures, the learnings, the challenges, the hairpin turns, the wisdom gained.   

For a moment, now, be with yourself and breathe a few breaths.   Know that you did the best you could.  And celebrate for a moment the successes. The things that turned out even better than you could have guessed.   

And the disappointments—these are a part of this life, too.  Notice them. Our disappointments and seeming failures are sometimes our greatest springboard for success—Thomas Edison said, “I didn’t fail to invent the lightbulb 10,000 times, I discovered 10,000 ways not to invent the lightbulb.”      

For a moment, reflect on what you didn’t like in 2011.  What do you want to leave behind you? The fears?  The self-criticism?  Criticism of others? Relationships that don’t honor you?   Decide what it is that you want to leave behind. And leave it.  Maybe write it on paper and burn it. What do you want to bring with you into this year? 

What did you love about this past year?  The surprising wonderful moments, the successes, the generosity, the wisdom, the love?Reflect generously on these, perhaps journal about them, allow them to find a place in your consciousness where you think about them more often.  And remember that your intention is to bring more of these moments into your life.  

Today you are wiser, smarter, more aware, farther on your path than you were last year.You’ve learned so much.  And this learningis serving you right now, as you look with intention toward 2012.   

Today, amp up your magic.   Ask yourself:what do I want to create this year?  What did I learn last year that shows me how to do this?  Allow the amazing, wiser person you became last year to fulfill the promise of this year’s dreams.  What you need is inside you, expanding every day to become all that you can be.   

Sending you good energy, momentum and appreciation for all you have become and all you are becoming, Dr. Z.

Two-Minute Holiday Spa 

Do you love the emotional lift of the holidayseason?  The lights, the songs, the (amazing) food, the festive atmosphere everywhere we go—it’s a season for celebration.   

For many of us, holiday stress can also seep into the best-laid plans for a fun-filled, light-hearted December.   Shopping deadlines, commitments to events, relatives and workcan leave us feeling a little harried (a little?).  If you’re feeling edgy with too many tasks and too little time and energy, give yourself this two-minute mental spa treatment: 

Close your eyes and take a deep breath.  Let it all out.  Now begin repeating aloud Whatever it is that’s stressing you: 

“I don’t have enough time”                


“I don’t have enough energy”      

Whatever it is, repeat this phrase and at the same time, tap the bony part of your cheek directlyunder your eyes (the bottom part of the eye socket).Continue tapping while you repeat whatever it is that’s bothering you, for a minute or so. Take another deep breath.  Let it all out. 

Now, tap under your eyes the same spot, and repeat the reverse, 

“I have more than enough time.” 

“I have more than enough energy.” 

Do this for a minute. 

Now take another deep breath. You’ll feel better—refreshed and clear.     How does this work?When you tap on this under-eye spot, you are sending quieting messages to the fear center of the brain.  Tapping on the issue releases the stress, and tapping in the positive phrase sends a new message to your emotion centers. When you’re feeling a moment of seasonal stress or weariness, give yourself this two-minute refreshment.   It’s your little gift to yourself. Sending you good energy and light, Dr. Lynne

Quantum Physics :  the Best of Holiday Gratitude Thanksgiving Day this year was a long work day for me.I had deadlines to meet and tasks to complete.  At the end of the day a friend brought over wonderful goodies from Whole Foods:  smoked turkey and mashed potatoes, stuffing, zucchini—the works.  It was so wonderful to just hang out with my friend and my pets.  The pets were sleepy and happy and I felt an overflow of gratitude to the Universe for this feeling of bounty and safety for us all.   I woke up the next day still filled with this grateful heart.  The gratitude swept me along that day, and with this emotion of fulfillment radiating in my heart, I experienced marvelous productivity, surrounded by a feeling of grace and ease.    I pondered the energy of gratitude and what it means from a science standpoint.  The lightbulb moment: no matter what is going on in our lives, when we can feel genuine gratitude about one thing, and express that gratitude fully, it changes our energy to become receptive.  When our personal energy is receptivity,our mind and thoughts open to new possibilities.  The energy of receptivity is a match to receiving, so that new opportunities flow to us.  When we can find genuine gratitude in our heart,even  just for one thing, we change our energy to be receptive to many more good things—in fact every good thing in the Universe.   Quantum physics tells us that we are connected to every other energy in this universe.  This holiday season, amidst the scramble for gifts, bargains and wrapping paper, try spending a few moments by yourself and find the warmth of gratitude in your heart.  It will open your mind and change your energy to receive a bounty of good on every level—for yourself and everyone around you.   Wishing you a bounty of gratitude and joy,  Dr. Lynne

Let Your Dream Out! Dr. Lynne Zimmerman 11-11-11 was the grand reopening of the Ganesha Center’s beautiful new wellness and teaching center in Las Vegas.  The 12-hour day was filled with celebration, delight, joyful tears and loving hugs.  The day marked the blossoming of this center, and it heralds the blossoming of every person who comes here for healing, learning and expansion.

The Ganesha Center began as the dream of Lee Papa, who started in two rooms, practicing and teaching Reiki. She had a vision and was joined by three friends, Paul Isensee, Michael Malherek and Brenda Calvin.

The Center expanded rapidly and now, two years later, members, instructors and practitioners fill the rooms with teaching, healing, sharing, expansion and immense personal growth.    What if Lee had not followed her dream?  What would the community now be missing?  What transformations would now lie still dormant in the heart and life of each person who has come through the doors and stayed for more? What is your dream?  What do you dwell on in your fondest moments?Do you want to inspire fun in the world with your happy cupcakes and amazing brownies?  Do you long to bring emotional healing into this world?Do you want to read to children or to elders no longer capable of reading for themselves?  Do you have a book inside you?  Do you want to remake your career?  

Whatever it is you dream of, when it stays inside you, it doesn’t just leave you unfulfilled.  It leaves an empty space in the world.   We are each here for many reasons.  Our purpose is that which inspires us and fills us with joy.  When we are filled with joy, we are in-spired, or in-Spirit—we are connected with all that is best in us and in the Universe.  

Don’t let your dream remain inside you.  Allow it to come out, even if it’s in micro-movements.  Encourage it, nurture it, and take tangible steps to bring it into this reality.  You will find bliss (and hard work, well rewarded) and you will bring needed energy to the planet.  That’s why you’re here.      

And if you feel scared while you're working on your dream, check out the Meridian Tapping for Stress tips below--Meridian tapping for just a few minutes diffuses fear and puts you back on your inspired path.


Lighthearted Ideas to Nurture Yourself
Dr. Lynne Zimmerman

Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy (aka SARK) is one of my favorite authors and a radiant advocate of self-care.  Caring, kindly -spirited people often forget to care munificently for themselves.  Nurturing yourself with the compassion, sweetness and generosity you would lavish on your dearest friend or a loved child creates a well of creativity, energy and pure joy within you.  With this overflowing supply of goodness, you create a deep sense of enjoyment in your everyday life, and you equip yourself to share with those around you with your abundant well-being.
The following light-heart ideas are a few from SARK’s travel guide to adventure.   (You can see more adventures in juicy living at planetsark.com. )
* Bake bread from scratch, or take on a similar
ambitious cooking project
* Throw all of the crayons out
of the box into a big wild color
pile, and get lost in the
* Play a board game with yourself. Either play
the role of more than one person, or re-invent the
rules to make it a solo game.
* Invite someone you don’t know
very well to come over to share
* If you enjoy cleaning or organizing, spend an
entire day doing it for no reason
* Create a quiet
nook for yourself,
with all your favorite
comfy things. Go to
your spot and do
nothing, or take a
spontaneous nap.
I especially love the quiet nook for reading, feeling comfy, doing nothing or taking a spontaneous nap! –-Dr. Lynne

What Are Your Reasons For Not Following Your Heart?
Dr. Lynne Zimmerman

In the audiobook version of Apple founder Steve Job’s bio, you’ll find a story about how the entire Apple Board of Directors wanted to trash the famous 1984 Super Bowl ad before it ran, unanimously proclaiming it to be the worst ad they’d ever seen.  Jobs prevailed, the ad ran, and today it’s remembered by many as the greatest advertisement in history.
Quoting Jobs:  “Almost everything—all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure—these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important.  Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart.”
From Dr. Lynne:  If you’re having a hard time following your heart  because of old fears, self-doubt, past criticisms, self-sabotage, or reasons you can’t identify, you may be suffering from unconscious negative beliefs.  Research now tells us that only 4% of our thoughts and actions are motivated by our conscious efforts.  The other 96% of all our energy output is driven by subconscious thoughts (those we have no conscious awareness of  and which we might consciously deny!), 80% of which are negative!  The good news:  you can now rewire your subconscious energy imprints and harness all that amazing energy for your dreams of change and expansion.  Pick up a copy of Heal Yourself, now at Barnes and Noble and amazon.com.  There you will find the 1-2-3 steps to uncover limiting assumptions, create a platform of beliefs that serve you and rewire your personal subconscious energy imprint for healing, transformation and expansion.  You can be who you want to be—who you really are—when you change the direction of your subconscious energies—your internal powerhouse!

Do You Fear Success? Change Your Subconscious Beliefs
Dr. Lynne Zimmerman

So many people are realizing this subconscious fear of being powerful, it is becoming a maxim in talk therapy:  the fear of success.  Where does this fear come from?  For many of us, it comes from downloading program viruses when we are small—viruses in our subconscious mind programs.  From the time we are a four-month-old unborn child to the time we are about 7 years old, we are thinking in theta and alpha brain waves.

These brain waves are essentially a brain download, characterized by complete acceptance of whatever it is we are hearing—whether that information is supportive or destructive.  These downloads become our subconscious beliefs and recurrent thoughts.

Research tells us that 96% of our motivating beliefs and thoughts come from these subconscious energy imprints.  Look at each area of your life:  work/career, family, money, romance, health, spirituality, emotional level of joy.
What are your subconscious downloads producing in your life?  If anything were possible, what would you love to change?  You can make these changes happen in this life, when you rewire your subconscious programs with energy therapy.

Energy Medicine: Changing Life Now 
Dr. Lynne Zimmerman  

"I Just Want My Life Back"

Eric is a successful real estate broker behind an incredibly handsome face.  His challenge:  a 300 pound body that has not responded to fat farms, the Atkins program or Phen-phen.  His weight has kept him from moving to the career of his dreams and from romantic relationships.

Robert is a Desert Storm veteran who revisited his past in recurrent flashbacks that left him sweating, depleted and shaking, threatening his job and paralyzing him in his family interactions.

Tasha is a dancer, lithe, graceful and incredibly beautiful.  She is also a former victim of incest and physical abuse.  Fame, media recognition and success once shrouded an inner landscape of despair, phobias and a life-threatening eating disorder.

Anne, a family physician, had to stop practicing medicine when nerve damage from brain surgery left her in constant pain, unable to bend her head or read a book.  Using cortisone for the intolerable pain leached her bones of the density required to stand upright.  At forty-one she had the fragile bones of a malnourished ninety-year-old woman, and had suffered three spinal compression fractures.

What do these people have in common beyond suffering unrelieved emotional and physical pain and an unspoken struggle with hopelessness?  They now share remarkable recoveries, renewed vitality and revitalized inspiration for an expanded life.  Each one is experiencing healing beyond their wildest hopes.

Lives Reclaimed, Dreams Realized
Eric is finding the answers to his lifelong struggle with weight in energy medicine.  He is also finding his feet, which he can see for the first time in fifteen years.  

Robert is releasing the chronic emotional traumas of PTSD with energy therapy and transforming the brain patterns that kept him a prisoner of the past.  With energy medicine procedures she learned to use for herself, Tasha is transcending the physical and emotional traumas which once defined her inner life.  She is transforming her vision of herself and her worth, creating unshakable self-esteem, endless physical energy and a reinvigorated joy in her career.
Food is no longer her enemy, but rather a nourishing support and pleasure.  Using energy therapy techniques, Anne learned how to turn down the unbearable pain level in her body.  She is in an experimental program for a bone-density drug.  Of the sixty participants, in a five-month period, she has experienced three times the increase in bone-density markers over the other participants.  The difference between her treatment and the other study subjects:  energy therapy.   Anne is now seeing patients again.  She has added energy therapy to her office procedures, enhancing and expediting the recoveries of her own patients.

The Transforming Power of Brain Plasticity
What exactly is energy medicine, that it can produce such amazing results, relieving such a huge spectrum of suffering?  Since the 70’s ongoing research has offered the possibility of creating enormous healing changes in the lives of stroke victims:  regaining the use of paralyzed limbs and making speech and communication possible, by creating surgical changes in the brain map.

With the most recent research by Drs. William Tiller (measurably changing material reality with human intention) Bruce Lipton (the quantifiable effects of perception on molecular biology) and world-renowned quantum physicist Dr. Fred Alan Wolf, we are beginning to understand the results experienced by people like Pam, Robert, Tasha and Anne—results which have rewritten their lives by changing their brain maps with energy medicine.

Energy medicine is quantum physics applied to the science and art of human healing.  Simply stated, energy therapies are a group of non-invasive therapeutic techniques which simultaneously relax the body and focus the mind.  The stage for this process is the human brain.  The leverage and power for these remarkable transformations comes from the brain’s ability to re-morph itself, an ability termed neuroplasticity.

Change Your Brain Map, Change your Reality            
Whatever your reality contains, whether that reality is chronic pain and suffering or endless vitality; anxiety, despair or genuine joy; exhaustion or exhilaration, it starts in the brain.  The electrical and chemical messages sent by the brain to every cell in the body are responsible for every emotion we feel, every burst of energy and every moment of physical suffering, including intractable chronic pain.  If you want to change a part of your life, whether that change is emotional or physical, what must change are the messages that your brain is sending to the emotion centers and to your body.  Change the messages sent to each cell and you change your body and your emotions. 

The Remarkable Plastic Brain
It is the brain’s ability to reconfigure its own circuitry and change its chemical messages, a unique physical and functional transformation termed “neuroplasticity,” that makes dramatic human change possible.  The brain is the bridge between our desire for change and its physiological actualization; neuroplasticity is the fulcrum of mechanism between quantum physics and human transformation.  Energy therapies allow ordinary humans to initiate these changes in the brain.
With energy therapy you can learn to change and redirect the mapping of your own brain, altering the electrical signals and chemical messages it sends to every organ, muscle and system of your body.  These messages can enhance your physical energy, increase the speed at which you recover from injuries, alter your metabolism, upgrade the emotions you feel and even transform the way you perceive and create reality.

Enter Energy Therapy
Energy therapy processes are currently used at the cutting edge of healthcare to reshape the brain map in order to rebuild the immune system; lower blood pressure and cholesterol; relieve chronic pain; reframe ADD symptoms; transform patterns of anxiety and stress; transcend emotional traumas including PTSD and overcome addictions.  These same processes can be used to create other brain-body changes that instill healthy self-esteem, increase focus and memory and enhance creativity and problem-solving.

As an example, energy medicine clients learn a process that relaxes the body, lowers blood pressure and creates smooth heart rhythms, while at the same time allowing the brain to enter the alpha wave state.
Alpha brain waves are slower, deeper brain wave patterns than we normally use for everyday conversations and decision–making.  In the alpha state,  we can process with both brain hemispheres, instead of only the right or the left, which characterizes everyday thought processing.  Regularly accessing the alpha state decreases cortisol, which is thought to be a major cause of adult weight gain, diabetes, bone loss and chronic pain.  While in this state which synchronizes both brain hemispheres, huge leaps in creativity and problem solving are possible and common.   

The term for this amazing capacity, which can be learned by most people, is superlearning.  In this accessed brainwave state, clients can not only achieve clarity and healing regarding painful emotional issues, they can also boost their immune capabilities, reduce and eliminate unremitting stress and anxiety, and lower chronic pain levels that have responded to no other treatment.

Giant Leap for Mankind:  Pain Control
Chronic pain is the most expensive health problem in America:  an estimated $262 billion/year.  Through brain-imaging studies researchers have found that energy medicine techniques such as neurolinguistic practice and hypnotherapy can significantly and consistently decrease the experience of chronic pain.  Brain scans of chronic pain sufferers while in these therapeutic states showed significantly reduced activity in the area of the brain responsible for the experience of pain.  Studies indicate that 75% of clinical and experimental participants with different types of pain can obtain substantial pain relief through energy medicine.  (1)

Addiction:  A Way Out  
According to the American Medical Association, 72% of American homes harbor someone with an addiction.  Energy medicine techniques offer effective processes to help balance brain chemistry in order to facilitate addiction recovery, including weight loss, drugs and alcohol.  Other learned procedures offer immediate relief in moments of addiction crisis during initial and post-recovery stress.

Subconscious Sabotage:  Discovery and Healing 
Specific energy therapy processes allow clients to uncover subconscious assumptions about reality that perpetuate self-sabotaging behavior patterns and low self-esteem.   Discovering these unconscious beliefs is a source of amazement and relief to clients, many of whom have sought help for years, without results.

Goals, Dreams Realized   
Energy therapies help people connect the prefrontal cortex, the part of the brain that imagines and forms goals such as “I want to kick this addiction,”  “I want to lower my blood pressure,”  “I want unshakable self-esteem” with the subconscious processes of the brain that are going on 24/7, supporting and expediting the changes that they want to see in their lives.

Changing Your Blueprint 
Each of us starts out as an infant with inherited neural patterns–patterns of connection in the brain.  A part of these are our species-specific inheritance:  those traits that enabled centuries of humans before us to survive and which became a part of our inherited genetic package.  Some of our neural networks and patterns are more specifically encoded from our parents and grandparents.  These inherited patterns form a blueprint which we can modify with energy therapies, creating new neural patterns, those of our own choosing.

Creating new patterns of activity in the brain and reinforcing them with consistency changes the messages sent to every cell in the body, transforming chronic physical conditions.  Changing the brain’s blueprint can also be used specifically to target depression, anxiety and chronic stress issues, and can substantially reduce cortisol, the chief hormone responsible for adult diabetes, weight gain, loss of bone density and muscle mass, and a chief cause of adult chronic pain.

You: Director, Brain: Producer
Using energy therapies, you can now have it all:  amazing energy, a revitalized immune system, freedom from emotional traumas and addiction, enhanced focus, creative problem solving.  Because energy therapy is non-invasive and requires no drugs, there are no side effects.  Clients can learn to use these biofeedback-based therapies for themselves and enjoy the benefits for a lifetime.  The remarkable physical adaptability that the brain displays–that is, its neuroplasticity–is our greatest gift as humans.  Because of neuroplasticity we can harness the incredible power of the brain through energy therapies and define our own destiny.  You are the director of the movie of your life’s changes.  Your brain is the producer, ready to deliver through the incredible mechanisms of neuroplasticity and energy medicine.

Dr. Lynne Zimmerman is the author of Heal Yourself, available at Barnes and Noble and Amazon.com.  She practices in Henderson, NV.   www.myenergymedicine.com
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Meridian Tapping:  Healing for Emotional Trauma, Stress and Anxiety                                                                                       
Dr. Lynne Zimmerman 

Medical doctors estimate that as many as 90 percent of all people seeking medical care for any reason are doing so because of a stress-related disorder.  Given millions of home foreclosures, jobs lost and parents unable to provide adequately for their children, these numbers are not surprising.  Stress is our number one source of medical problems:  stress chemicals such as cortisol cause heart disease, increase our sensation of physical pain, cripple our immune system, damage the cells of our brain, leach our energy, rob us of sleep and in the process, destroy our joy in living.     

But we don’t have to live at the mercy of the stressful events in our lives.  Whatever is going on around us, we have a potent energy medicine technique for relieving stress and processing stress chemicals out of our body and our emotions.  This amazing process is called meridian therapy or Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).

The good news with meridian therapy is that it’s all good news.  There are no needles, no pills, no chemicals, no painful procedures and no side effects.  EFT is simple, effective and long-lasting—a claim very few therapies can make.  I have seen EFT work effectively for clients with memories of parental abuse, PTSD, rape, and other deep emotional traumas.    

How does EFT work?  

One: it normalizes energy meridians.   Meridians are energy pathways that flow through and affect every organ, muscle and system in the entire body.  When we sustain an emotional trauma, it is recorded in both the body and the brain.  The brain encodes our negative experiences with an emotional charge, like a red flag.  When it perceives something that reminds it of an earlier trauma, it labels that input with another red flag.  Within three seconds, it turns on adrenaline and cortisol (chemicals of stress), and produces in us the same emotions of alarm, terror and stress that we felt the first time, no matter how long ago it might have been.  We may feel an uncontrollable urge to flee or avoid this new red-flag situation or person or event at any cost. 

Meridian therapy or EFT combines light tapping on acupressure points, coupled with mental focus on a stressful circumstance or traumatic event. When you perform EFT on yourself, you normalize your body’s energy meridians relative to an event or circumstance that causes you distress.  

Two:  EFT changes signals to the limbic system.  Using meridian tapping on acupressure points changes signals to the limbic system, the emotion center of the brain that causes our feelings relative to an event or trauma.  Pressure on acupoints sends fear-dampening signals directly to the limbic system, the emotional center of the brain.   Using meridian tapping on the most painful remembered events reduces emotional triggering by over 90%, and normalizes the impact of these events.  

Three:  meridian therapy changes the wiring of brain circuits.  New realizations are recorded in the brain as synchronous oscillations—at the moment we recognize a different way to perceive an event, a different way to see it, the brain records this learning and begins to create new circuits to carry that new realization.  With practice and repetition of meridian therapy, the brain reorganizes its wiring around events and trauma; the memory is there, but as an event only, without the emotional pain or impact.  Within one hour of repeated stimulation, the brain can double the number of connections in a neural bundle.   This relieves psychological suffering and produces positive changes in the wiring of our wonderful neuroplastic brain, as a result of counter-conditioning our traumatic memories.

Four:  EFT is a highly advanced form of thought field therapy.  EFT is a more sophisticated and therapeutic form of thought field therapy.   In thought field therapy we look at the meaning we attach to a certain event.

Example:  abuse by parent.  There is the event.  And there is the meaning attached to the event.  It is the meaning that holds the trauma for us.  And it is changing the meaning that holds healing for us.  Meridian therapy helps us begin changing the meaning of an event or circumstance with the setup statement, which is the first step of EFT.   

The first part of EFT is remembering or thinking of a specific incident with a strong emotional charge and combining the recall with a statement of positive self-acceptance.  Pairing the exposure to the memory with this self-acceptance statement introduces cognitive change.  In this way EFT changes the experience of our mind relative to the event.  EFT tapping is done while using both cognitive exposure and cognitive shift, two therapies proven to be effective in relieving emotional trauma.   

Many effective versions of EFT are practiced today.  The following is a streamlined version I find helpful when clients have issues that require immediate relief.  

Rate the intensity of your issue.

Round one:
Tap the karate chop part of one hand with the first two fingers of the other hand, using this type of setup phrase:
“Even though I feel (_________), I deeply and completely love and accept myself.”
Or “Even though I have this (_____), I profoundly respect and appreciate myself.”
Or “Even though I (________), I love and appreciate myself deeply and completely.”
Repeat this phrase a total of three times while continuously tapping on the karate chop point.
Now tap on each of the following places, saying the phrase of whatever it is that’s bothering you as you tap.
For instance, if you were feeling anxious about an upcoming test you would repeat the phrase “anxious about the test” each time you tapped on an area (again on either side of the body.)  Tap each point several times as you say your reminder phrase.
Beginning of Eyebrow
Outer Eye
Under Eye
Under Nose
Under Arm
Top of Head
Round 2
Karate chop—one time
“Even though I feel (_____________) I deeply and completely love and accept myself.”
Tap again saying the phrase of issue or problem as you tap:
Beginning of Eyebrow
Outer Eye
Under Eye
Under Nose
Under Arm
Top of Head
Round 3
Karate chop—one time
Even though I feel (_________), I deeply and completely love and accept myself.
Now, tap each area while repeating your supporting phrase:
Eyebrow: Deeply and Completely love and accept myself
Outer Eye: Deeply and Completely love and accept myself
Under Eye: Deeply and Completely love and accept myself
Under Nose: Deeply and Completely love and accept myself
Chin: Deeply and Completely love and accept myself
Collarbone: Deeply and Completely love and accept myself
Under Arm: Deeply and Completely love and accept myself
Top of Head: Deeply and Completely love and accept myself
Now, Take a Deep Breath.  Breathing deeply helps process energy through your body.
Do this sequence as many times as you need, to feel genuine relief.
Meridian tapping is also an amazing tool for healing the inner child, creating unshakable self-esteem, creating supportive beliefs; relieving physical pain and transforming depression.  To learn about these and other applications, see www.myenergymedicine.com.

Tapping into Uncertainty:  Allowing for More
Dr. Lynne Zimmerman 

One of the most distressing challenges currently faced by millions of people worldwide, is the uncertainty they are living with every day:  uncertainty regarding their job, money, relationships, health, economy-- you name it, uncertainty feels scary.  We are raised to plan for our future, educate ourselves, strategize about career and work our plan in order to succeed at our dreams.  For many in the past five years, the anticipated outcome of planning, strategizing and working their fingers to the bone has fallen through.  How do we maintain equilibrium in this climate of not knowing what to expect?   By tapping into the incredible power of Uncertainty.  By understanding Uncertainty and embracing it in an entirely new way.  Uncertainty in the world of quantum physics means tapping into the infinite possibilities of the Universe.  When we truly understand Uncertainty, we see its beauty, we feel its power and we know that hundreds and thousands of solutions are available to us.  

How do we tap into the power of Uncertainty? By practicing allowing.  By stilling negative mind chatter.  By meditating.              

Following are Five Statements of the Soul that I learned from a wonderful colleague, Brenda Calvin, who studied with Deepak Chopra.  These statements helped me understand that Uncertainty is the fullest expression of the energy of the Universe.  And in these times, tapping into positive energy full-tilt is something we can all enjoy! 

5 Statements of the Soul 

My Soul is a Field of Infinite Possibilities 

My Soul is Non-Local  (my soul is everywhere, connected to every solution) 

My Soul is the Source of my Creativity, which is Infinite 

My Soul thrives in Uncertainty and embraces the wisdom of Uncertainty 

My Soul co-creates with Source   

Are You an Older Child?
Dr. Lynne Zimmerman  

Recently I taught an inner child class.  We talked about the neurobiology of the inner child—the energy that begins imprinting before we are born and continues like a computer download until we are around 7 years old.  For many people in the class, an imprint of huge responsibility formed in their very early years.  Some were the oldest child and were required to take care of younger siblings.  Others had abusive parents or took care of a parent either physically or emotionally from an early age.  These children, now adults, feel as though they never had a childhood.  Their subconscious imprint is one of work, accomplishing goals and being responsible.  They have a hard time experiencing joy and seldom initiate spontaneous pleasures. 

The energy of joy and spontaneity is an outpouring of energy that radiates from children who have been nurtured with compassion, kindness, and sensitivity; who have been allowed to explore and experience new things with both safety and curiosity; and who have been loved fully and freely, just for who they are, just because they showed up here.  The natural outcome of this kind of childhood are immense creativity, optimism, spontaneity,  enthusiasm,  and a high level of energy in our adult life.            

If you are an older child, or if you just feel like one, consider cultivating now the energy of joy.  Do something for yourself this week that isn’t practical, isn’t goal-oriented and benefits no one but you.  What would your inner child enjoy?  Ice cream for lunch?  An unscheduled nap?  Playing with your cat?  New sparkly tennis shoes?   

Consider nourishing your zest for life by cultivating the energy of joy.  Loving and nurturing your inner child is a great way to start.    

“Trailing clouds of glory do we come from God…”___William Wordsworth   More on enhancing inner child joy in the weeks to come… 

Here is a link to my recent interview with Coach Ron Tunick in Valencia, California