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Year of Transformation

Now You Can Rewrite Your Life!

If you want to create lasting change in the things that are most important
in your life, you have to change the internal programs that your brain is using to
create what you don’t want, 
and replace them with programs that give you
what you need to create everything you do want.

The Miracle Of Brain Plasticity 

When you change your downloaded response programs,
you change the most powerful part of your brain—the 96%
that’s always working 24/7 either supporting you or sabotaging
you.  You can change the way your brain is wired, and
you can actually change your brain real estate.

How is this possible? With energy medicine techniques, you can change
the way your brain responds to the people, events and circumstances in
your life. These powerful, incredibly effective processes not only help heal
emotional trauma and relieve pain, they also rewire your brain, creating
new programs that serve your current dreams, and allowing you to
expand and become even more of who you truly are.

This is why I created the LifeLine Transformation program.
So that people who want to rewrite their life can learn
the tools and have the support they need to create the changes
that transform their whole life.

Lifeline Transformation works on every level of the whole human:

Physical vitality, pain management, weight idealization: LifeLine works
at the level of the body cells, releasing the stress hormones that create pain,
excess weight and aging, and creating a body chemistry that supports
energy, longevity and youthful vitality.

Discovery: understanding your true Self : LifeLine works at the level
of discovery, excavating the beliefs you don’t know you are holding,
discovering the stuck places of pain and fear. Discovery alone provides
immense relief and forward momentum on your transformation path.

Emotions and Memories: LifeLine transforms your inner life, healing pain
and transforming trauma. You don’t lose your memories;  they become
like a history book—something in the past that no longer has power over you.

Brain wiring:  LifeLine creates new brain wiring:  new messages that
initiate healing, increased vitality and youth for body cells, muscles
and organ systems. You actually rearrange your brain real-estate,
allocating more brain space for vitality and momentum, less for
fatigue.  More neural activity for 
creativity and spontaneity,
more neural wiring for initiative and follow-through,
more brain bundles for rich fulfillment and joy.  

Brain Chemistry:  As you rewire millions of brain messages,
you change the neural chemistry that once maintained anger,
resentment and negative expectations.  You transform the
chemistry of programmed stress responses, fears and
unconscious self-sabotage.   In their place, Lifeline tools create
new chemical messages in the brain:  creativity, spontaneity,
vitality and actual happiness, as well as serenity, peace and wholeness.

Subconscious Mind:  Lifeline mind-body techniques work at the
level of your subconscious mind, allowing you to discover unknown 
powerful messages of sabotage that keep you from living the life
you want.

You then learn to download new imprints of your own
choosing and creation.  These powerful internal messages
support your responding to people, opportunities and events,
as well as problems in ways that serve your long-term
dreams and inspire spontaneous joy every day.  

You receive the support you need to master these tools of
excavation and re-creation for yourself:  tools for a lifetime
of continuing expansion.

Changing your Blueprint:  Genetics vs. Brain-Balancing:  
Science tells us that with the same genetic blueprint we can
create 30,000 versions of our Self.  What does this mean?
It means that no matter what traits you inherited from
your ancestors, grandparents or parents, you can choose
among thousands of traits to enhance your health,
your happiness and every part of your life.   Epigenetics research
tells us that our unconscious beliefs and programs trump our genes
95% of the time.  As you rewire your brain and your subconscious
downloads, you can choose who and how you want to be.
You can be free of past pain, failure, regret and self-sabotage. 
You can change your own blueprint.

Stress/Anxiety:  Everybody knows that stress is bad, but did you know that
unconscious stress is the number one cause of adult overweight? tress is also
linked with diabetes, muscle pain, poor sleep, memory loss and brain fog,
fatigue, early aging, wrinkled skin and clinical depression. In the Lifeline
program, you learn the tools and receive consistent support to transform
your habitual and unconscious brain-body responses to stress, both
the huge unexpected traumas and the smaller daily irritations and challenges
that populate our world.

Inner Child: Lifeline transforms you at the level of your inner child energy,
the spontaneous, joyful symbol of wholeness in the adult mind. Serial illness,
co-dependent relationships, lost dreams, low energy, fear of failure and
fatigue are all symptoms of inner child pain waiting for healing.  When you
heal your inner child wounds, you release amazing energy for creativity,
joy and dream fulfillment in the real world.

Unshakable self-esteem:  Lifeline excavates the voices of your inner critics,
the ones you’ve become so accustomed to, you think you’re being “realistic”
when you look in the mirror and feel disappointed.  In the Lifeline program,
you dialogue with your inner critic voices, see them for who they really are,
stand up to them, and transform your inner thought process.  You gain a
genuine appreciation for who you really are, your true self.  

Expanding your horizons:  As you transform old traumas and pain and
heal every part of your body, brain and emotions, you begin to expand
your sense of who you are.   You realize who you can really be, who you
are becoming, and you can envision the kind of life want to create. 
You have mastered an inner platform of stability, safety, strength,
emotional resilience, self- esteem, confidence and clarity.  

As you become conscious of your own value, you begin to shine
as well;  you align with people who recognize
and appreciate you, and you attract opportunities that 
seemed to elude you.   

Is there something you want with all your heart?  LifeLine Transformation
is the crucial support you need to not only rewrite your life, but also
to sustain and expand new vistas--dreams to fulfill your whole lifetime.
How do you create this amazing life?  By rewiring your brain, by becoming
who you want to be, who you truly are.  By mastering inner change, with
mind-body tools that heal, transform, strengthen and expand. 

Science tells us that it takes 11-15 months to create permanent changes
in the brain map.  LifeLine is one full year of support, healing and
, forty phone sessions, learning to use the most effective,
breakthrough mind-body tools of this century, including acupoint
tapping, (EFT), neurolinguistic reprogramming and alpha state hypnosis, as well as the bottomless empathy and support of a physician with over twenty years
of experience and thousands of success stories, helping clients transform
their blueprints and recreate their lives from the inside out. 

Explore your options with LifeLine Transformation and Dr. Lynne Zimmerman. 

Is there something you want with all your heart?  Is now a good time to start?

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