Dr. Lynne Zimmerman
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Personalized Solutions

 Personalized Solutions

Recognizing that every person is unique, Dr. Zimmerman actively involves you, the client, in the process of discovering what is needed to effect the changes you are seeking in your life.  She will listen as you talk about the current issues in your life, how they make you feel, and the effect this has on you and the way you are living your life.   Limitations and pain can only be healed and transformed by following them to the source—by discovering the brain messages and subconscious programs that are creating the problem, and by rewiring those messages to support the changes you want for your life. 

Dr. Z. will also ask you about not only your medical history, but also your family, friends, work and social interactions, as well as your spiritual beliefs.  These crucial components of your life each create influential energy patterns in both the conscious and subconscious parts of your brain; they can harm you unintentionally, and they can also help you heal.  Using this knowledge, Dr. Z. will guide and mentor you through the process of healing pain and lifting limitations by transforming your subconscious downloads and rewiring your brain patterns. This amazing, empowering process not only supports your healing, but also gives you the ability to expand your vision of who you are and what you can be.        

Acupoint tapping has been shown to be one of the most effective techniques for healing pain and transforming trauma of all kinds (see Kinds of Energy Medicine).  Dr. Z. will not only create personal tapping scripts for your most important issues and goals, she will also teach you how to use tapping for yourself.  Depending on your history and the source of what you are experiencing, she may also create visual imagery that supports alpha brain waves (using both halves of the brain to download a supporting belief) or neuro-linguistic reprogramming (changing the way the brain talks to the body).   Your healing path will be tailored to best support your own individual needs.  

You will not be alone on your healing path. It is a journey you take with Dr. Z.  You will receive one-on-one support for every challenge, and you will learn how to use the most effective mind-body tools for yourself, for a lifetime of continuous support, personal empowerment and expansion.   Its time to create your best life--by becoming the best version of yourself--the person you always hoped you could be