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When I first talked with Dr. Zimmerman, I had been suffering for some time with chronic anxiety and depression.  I was being treated with anti-depressants, which helped mask the symptoms, but I didn’t like the side effects.  More importantly, I knew I wasn’t addressing the underlying issues, which related to PTSD experiences years before.  If you’ve experienced PTSD, you know that the last thing you want to do is relive what you’ve already gone through.

In our first conversation, Dr. Z. asked me what I wanted for my life.  At that time, just hearing someone say, “We should drive (anywhere), was enough to throw me into a panic attack.  Heart racing, profuse sweating, knowing that I was about to die.  I didn’t tell her that at the time. What I said was, “I want the freedom and spontaneity I used to have.  I want to be able to drive to the next town on the freeway, if I feel like it.”  I felt so trapped, my life was so limited.  If I could just change that part of my life, I knew I would feel better. 

We began working together via phone sessions, as I live in another state.  I had searched for many years, for answers to lifelong issues, so I was skeptical at first.  But I could see noticeable week-over-week improvement after our sessions.

Dr. Zimmerman crafts metaphors to help communicate and clarify complex concepts. Although she uses cutting edge techniques from neuroscience, she is also an intuitive, warm, caring, calming, wise, well-studied and skilled holistic practitioner.  She has given me many valuable insights. 

I now drive on the freeway with no difficulty.  But I’m not stopping there.  In our work I have healed old, repressed damage from childhood traumas.  This pattern of emotional damage has replayed itself in my adult relationships many times, to my great detriment.  I am now addressing and healing adult episodes of PTSD, transforming my past to recreate my present.  I not only play team sports, I also attend singles dinners and I am creating an ever-expanding circle of genuine friends.

I now know  that Dr. Zimmerman's loving and caring guidance is supporting me on the path to becoming the person I really want to be -- happier, healthier, contented, and not having anxiety and depression limiting my enjoyment of life. I feel so fortunate to have discovered her, and I enthusiastically recommend working with her.  A more loving and caring health professional you will not find.  I’m loving my results! 

                                                                                     ___S.B., photographer, Utah

In a single year my life was hit with multiple tragedies. I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  I was enduring chemotherapy and radiation sessions, causing fatigue and weight gain, and turning my nails black.  I was continuing to work 30 hours a week, in order to help keep the bills paid.  I was so tired all the time.  Then a nightmare I couldn’t have imagined swept over my life.   My 18 year old son was killed  in a tragic accident.   My life stopped right then.  I could no longer function mentally or physically.   Every day was just like the one before, with raw pain eating through me. 

I have a husband and three other children.  I wanted to support them, but I was overwhelmed with grief.  And I was still recovering from cancer.  I could barely put one foot in front of the other.  This went on for almost a year.  At Christmas we went to another family member’s house.  I couldn’t bear to be at my home for a holiday without my son.  In my heart I knew my children needed to talk about their grief, but they were too worried about me to risk another setback. And I was still in the same pain.  I still felt raw, like an open wound. 

A family member recommended Dr. Lynne Zimmerman.  Before making an appointment I had the opportunity to view her tapping series online and thought “why not?”  Within weeks of therapy my life completely changed.  I still have stress—I work, I sometimes deal with really difficult people, and I miss my dear son.  But on days where stress peaks or I feel the waves of grief, I know how to handle it on my own thanks to Dr. Lynne. 

I no longer take prescription antidepressants.  I find myself laughing more and enjoying life in general.  I am finding more strength in myself as we continue to work together.    Dr. Lynne is so compassionate, I was able to quickly open up to her.  She is able to take me to a level of healing that I could not do by myself.  She is very intelligent, loving, and inspirational.  My life has changed and I thank Dr. Lynne for making that happen!

                                              __M.N., Director Performance Optimization, Dallas TX

"I worked with Dr. Zimmerman when I was feeling really stuck in my
life. I wasn't sure I was in the right relationship or career, and I
was feeling unmotivated and confused. I had a vision board of myself
surrounded by friends in the deep redwood forest, but I was currently
living in an urban city with no friends outside my relationship.  I'd
had this vision board for about 3 years and I couldn't make any
lasting progress towards it even with lots of effort. Then I decided
to take a chance with Dr. Z.  In less than 15 months, my life was
transformed. My relationship changed from romantic to a supportive
friendship, I made hundreds of amazing friends whom I love, more money
came my way, I get asked out on dates regularly, and I got a job with
the National Park Service, deep in the redwoods. I'm so happy not to
be stuck and I feel like, through Dr. Z, I have a new level of
awareness that will help me on my amazing life journey.
Thank you for 
helping me get unstuck!"
- L.O. National Park Service Employee, Three Rivers, CA

You have already helped me so much, and it's only been 8 sessions! My world view is brighter, I'm building a better future, AND you've helped me work through a LOT of existential dilemmas that have haunted my whole life. You're helping me conquer my anxieties so I can build the most fulfilling career for me. You're so positive, loving, and supportive. Your intuitive insight and wisdom help me make massive leaps forward and at the same time feel more calm and happy.  When I have to miss a session, I find myself missing that connection and uplift, but you're teaching me how to take care of myself ,too.  However, I wish our sessions could last forever.  I'm so grateful to you.  
                                                                          --L. O., web analyst, San Jose, California  
P.S.  There's something about your presence that lifts my whole mood for a week!
And one more thing:  our sessions have done more for my state of mind than all my anti-depressants.  Please put this on your website!


I have been in therapy with Dr. Lynne Zimmerman for the last few weeks and it has been quite an amazing experience. I found her online by searching for someone who has expertise in the tapping technique here in Las Vegas. I was able to see videos of her work at a seminar and was very impressed and drawn to her. I contacted her and she quickly responded. I was delighted that she was available and she offered me a choice of the varied programs she recommended. Although I had resistance initially, I opted to commit to working with her for at least a year in order to receive the brain chemistry benefits of her work. I'm so glad that I did. It's not always easy, (as we know) to look at ourselves deeply and authentically.

From the very 1st session with her, I was so glad that I had made the commitment. (I've had quite a bit of varied types of therapy over the years). She has an uncanny ability to listen deeply and then to draw out the feelings underneath the surface. She is extremely bright and extremely compassionate. Really incredible.... I've never felt so understood. She's able to articulate in the most intelligent manner. The tapping technique she uses combined with her words is just remarkable!

I look so forward to working with her for this year of healing and transformation. I cannot recommend her highly enough. You've got to have a session with her to know what I'm talking about.

L. D., Las Vegas

"This is a gift that keeps on giving!  I am a person that believes in being healthy; 90% vegetarian.  But I was hooked on cigarettes, before March 13th of 2012, for over 30 years.  I was taken by a friend to the Ganehsa Center in Las Vegas, NV which is a spiritual healing center.  I was told that I deserve to love myself clearly and deeply. Which brings me to Dr Lynne Zimmerman.  After our first session of Meridian Therapy (Acupoint tapping). I left the center and have yet to smoke a cigarette!!  I work in a smoke filled environment 5 days  a week. My first real test was three days later, March 16th, on a Friday night, when I played pool on a pool league in a bar.  Drinking beer, hanging out, talking to people who smoke; a real challenge.  I have to admit I had to tap into my Meridian Therapy techniques a few times to tell myself I do not need/want or desire a cigarette. It has been 5 weeks now which was only 4 sessions with Dr Zimmerman  I have improved my self awareness and find that I actually do love myself, and, most importantly.... I DID IT!!!!  I'M A NON-SMOKER FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!!  YIPPEE!!!! No patches, no pills, no heavy stress trips of wanting to say 'just one cigarette will be OK'.  I'm free of cigarettes and can't express enough as to how thankful I am that I went through the program!  I both look and feel healthier as a result.  My friends have noticed it also. My heartfelt thanks goes out to Dr. Zimmerman, (and Terri and Fae, who recommended Dr. Z) for enabling such a life-changing event in my life from virtually THE FIRST DAY.  I had no way of knowing that it would be so easy after trying so many different UNSUCCESSFUL methods in the past. Thanks again Dr. Z!"
                                                                                         - L.D., Casino Operations, Age 53

"I received some amazing results after working with Dr Lynne over the last few months. She's helped me build my self esteem and self confidence through her work using Emotional Freedom Technique (Acupoint tapping)and Hypnosis. I've been practicing EFT consistently in the last few months, and have noticed my intuition increase dramatically over this time period. I followed my heart by moving to Seattle in Jan 2012 - the resources and money showed up to support my move. Within 5 weeks of moving to Seattle, and having little contacts or resources, I attracted the ideal job opportunity that pays better than I expected, reconnected with my family in Seattle, established good business contacts and made new friends who are like-minded. Thank you Dr Lynne for helping me get back on my feet, and I am looking forward to continue working with you." 
                                                                                                 __ K.D., Seattle WA

I recently began to see Dr. Z. for help in all the areas of my life.  I have endured three strokes, two brain surgeries, lupus and rheumatoid arthritis.   I was at the end of my rope.  I couldn’t stand the physical and emotional pain any longer. We began to look at all the patterns in my life, uncovering the roots of negative beliefs, and doing healing work for my body, my mind, my memories and the kinds of energy I create and perpetuate in my life.  The changes were so dramatic I hardly recognized myself.  I am continuing to process this transformation, which is having unexpected and wonderful effects on my family as well.  This is like a miracle for me.  It is changing everything! - W. C., hematologist San Antonio, TX

“Dr. Z. is the first and only experience I’ve had with hypnotherapy.   Since I was new to this, she explained the concept and process in depth.  I live with incredibly stressful family dynamics every day—two family members with Alzheimer’s.  I have also always lived with a deep sadness stemming from as early as being in a highchair.  Dr. Z. gently took me back to when I was about 9 months old, and helped me experience those feelings and emotions that I was still carrying as an adult.  In the sessions we had, such a weight was lifted from my heart—it has been a gift.  She is amazing, loving and quite gifted.” - D.C., Los Gatos, CA

“Dr. Z’s compassionate heart and focused demeanor create the perfect space for healing.  The moment you begin, you know that you’re with someone who truly cares about your wellbeing.  Her calm presence and soothing voice put you at ease.  She guides you to dig deep into the core issues at hand, and then safely release the old beliefs or patterns that keep you stuck.  Dr. Z. is one of the those “rare finds”—a master healer with a heart of gold!”  
                                                                     __M. J., CHT, THP, Reiki Master  Marin, CA

Dr. Z is a gifted healer - one in a million! Her gentle, warm presence and strong, centered awareness create a safe container for deep inner work. As a client, I always had a sense that I was working with someone who held space for my 'highest good' to emerge through our sessions together. The way she held our work enabled me to go further and deeper into issues than I ever anticipated. The healing was profound - Thank you Dr. Z! __ S.C., MFT, CHT  Oakland, CA

About 15 years ago, I was diagnosed with a herniated disc at the L5-S1 space.  The bulge from this injury pressed on the nerve that leads directly to my legs.  Gradually my legs became cumbersome, and finally useless.  I had no choice but to use a wheelchair.  One particular incident stands out in my mind.  On the morning that I lost the use of my legs, I reached Dr. Zimmerman's answering service in a panic.  She scheduled an appointment for that day, a Sunday, met my parents at the clinic, carried me into the office, and began to do therapy on my legs.  Although my situation appeared bleak when I initially went to Dr. Z., she never gave up on me.   Over the months, my nerves “woke up” and I  began to get stronger.   I had to learn to walk all over again.  I’ve been out of my wheelchair for over 10 years now, thanks to Dr. Z's therapy.  She is truly a credit to her profession.
                                                                                              __ K. B.  San Antonio, TX