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Press Release Heal Yourself 

Learn how to “remap” your brain to manage chronic pain, depression, cancer and more


In Heal Yourself, Dr. Lynne Zimmerman explains in lay language the cutting-edge science behind the human brain’s ability to reconfigure its own electrochemical format and demonstrates how readers can direct changes in their “brain map” to alter the cellular codes that help determine immune strength, emotional states, degenerative states (affecting the ability to stay youthful), and even mental perceptions of reality. Zimmerman carefully constructs for readers the logic and science behind the method and creates a sound, research-based case for the healing our bodies are so very capable of. Finally, a book that connects the science with the how-to and that thoroughly covers the foundation for healing we need to set in place to keep our own internal saboteurs at bay. Never before has any one book brought together the science, the stage, and the tools in such a clear and straightforward manner. Even the biggest skeptics will gain insight they will find hard to refute.


An entire section devoted to the many practical tools and specific methods readers can use to remap their brains, along with an additional section explaining more advanced therapies, empowers readers to take action. One section provides the necessary foundation for healing, explaining how negative thinking and the subconscious mind can interfere with our best efforts. Another section, divided by common conditions, informs readers which tools work best for each condition. This tutorial approach gives readers, with no experience, the ability to apply these practical processes for themselves. 

Heal Yourself is available on Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble.com and major book retailers.

Here is the link for Heal Yourself available in paperback and on Nook from Barnes and Noble:


Here is the link for Heal Yourself available in paperback from Amazon: