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Types of Energy Medicine


Accupoint Tapping  Also called Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT, tapping is being practiced at the forefront of healing technologies.  Tapping is so effective for stress, it actually lowers cortisol, the stress hormone, in the bloodstream.  Tapping sends a calming message to the fear center of the brain, quieting our stress response and allowing healing for traumatic events and circumstances.  Acupoint tapping is immensely successful for a wide array of difficulties such as PTSD, emotional pain, addiction, 
self-sabotage and cravings to name just a few.   Thousands using EFT have also experienced relief from chronic pain and illness.

How Tapping Works  

Changes limbic system signals:  The part of the brain that processes our emotions is called the limbic system.  It is the oldest developmental part of the nervous system, and as such, it can affect any organ, muscle or system in the entire body, as well as other parts of the brain.  When we sustain a physical injury, lingering illness or emotional trauma, including long-term stress, it is recorded in both the body and the brain.  Tapping while focusing on a stressful situation sends a fear-quieting message to the limbic system, regarding that particular stress.  

Tapping on specific acupressure points where energy meridians run close to the body surface, changes signals to the limbic system, the emotion center of the brain that causes our feelings relative to an event or trauma.  Acupoint tapping on the most painful remembered events reduces emotional triggering by over 90%, and normalizes the impact of stressful events. 

Changes Brain Wiring New realizations are recorded in the brain as synchronous oscillations—at the moment we recognize a different way to perceive an event, a different way to see it, the brain records this learning and begins to create new circuits to carry that new realization. 

With practice and repetition of accupoint tapping, the brain reorganizes its wiring around stressful circumstances or events; the recognition is there, but as a fact only, without the emotional pain or impact.  Within one hour of repeated stimulation, the brain can double the number of connections in a neural bundle.   This process helps relieve stress and produces positive changes in the wiring of our incredible neuroplastic brain, by counter-conditioning our stressful associations.

Advanced Thought Field Therapy   Tapping is an extremely sophisticated and integrated form of Thought Field Therapy, first made available in the 1970’s.  In thought field therapy we look at the meaning we attach to a certain event. 

For example:  A child who is abused by a parent may come away from the experience feeling worthless, fearful, guilty, shamed, and ineffective, even as an adult.   As an employee criticized by her boss in front of her colleagues, she might feel humiliated, unable to face her co-workers and conclude that she is a failure, not only in her work, but also as a human being.  Others in the same situation would feel and respond entirely differently. 

Because each of us embody different backgrounds and brain chemistries, what is harmless to one is completely destructive to another.  For each one of us, it is the meaning we attach to an event or stress that creates damage for us.  And it is changing the meaning that holds healing for us. 

Accupoint tapping helps us begin changing the meaning of an event or circumstance. 

Acupoint Tapping accesses Superlearning.  Superlearning refers to a brain wave state in which we process in deeper brain waves called alpha waves, (see below) with both halves of the brain, instead of only one side at a time, which is our normal thinking state.   Alpha brain waves are associated with deeper self-understanding, enhanced creative problem-solving and a sense of great peace.       

"EFT offers great healing benefits."
__Deepak Chopra, M.D.

"I frequently use EFT for my patients, with great results."
___Eric Robins, M.D., co author Your Hands Can Heal You

"EFT is a simple, powerful process that can profoundly affect gene activity and health."
__Bruce Lipton, PhD Author Biology of Belief

"By relieving emotional trauma, EFT helps heal physical symptoms, too."
__Norman Shealy, M.D. 

Accessing Alpha & Theta Brain States   We normally think in beta wave patterns.  Beta waves are operating during our normal waking thoughts:  driving a car, making decisions, working and accomplishing routine daily tasks.  In this state, we normally use one side of the brain at a time--the left side for linear, logic-type tasks and the right side for creative, inventive or intuitive work.  At the upper end of the beta wave range, we become anxious, agitated and stressed. 

When you access deeper alpha and theta brain wave patterns, your heart rate slows and your heart rhythms become smooth.   When you access alpha and theta states regularly, you decrease the amount of cortisol in your bloodstream.  Long-term studies of alcohol and drug addiction show nearly 100% continued recovery three years later, when clients are taught to access alpha waves.      

Alpha and theta brain wave patterns also allow you to access whole-brain processing, in which both hemispheres of the brain work in synchronized harmony.  Whole-brain processing enhances our ability to learn and remember, and is associated with great leaps in creativity and successful problem-solving.  Sudden insights into previously difficult problems are common in the alpha and theta states.  Clients who regularly access these brain states report increased creativity, livelier energy and enhanced problem-solving abilities, as well as a state of greater well-being. 

Dr. Z. helps clients access the deeper brain wave states of alpha and theta waves with EFT, progressive guided relaxation and meditative visualization and imagery.   In this accessed state, clients can learn to  heal emotional pain and trauma, reduce cravings and rewire patterns of limitation and disempowerment

Neurolinguistic Work 
Neurolinguistic work, or NLP, comes from three interworking systems of the body, all of which are synchronized in this kind of energy medicine.  This practice draws on the relationship between the way we think (neuro), the way we communicate to ourselves (linguistic) and our patterns of emotion and behavior (programs).  Using NLP processes, you can rewrite emotional and behavioral responses that don't serve you. 

NLP for Chronic Pain  Specific types of NLP can be used to turn down the pain volume for chronic pain patients.  These NLP processes also help to modify habitual automatic responses to pain.  These responses can shift from alarm and automatic stress, which makes the pain worse, to responses that support relief, confidence and stability.