Dr. Lynne Zimmerman
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Weight Loss, Anyone? 


Acupoint tapping is the most amazing and advanced technique on the planet for overcoming addiction, including alcohol, drugs, smoking and emotional eating.   Tapping helps you in the little moments of crisis when you want to reach for the drink, the cigarette, the cookie or the chips for quick comfort, or when your first impulse in a crisis moment is one that doesn't support you in the end.  Tapping with specific intent also helps you rewire your brain so that you develop powerful resources other than self-sabotage for support.  With this powerful support, you can take back your power, transform your vision of yourself and create a life you love. 

Whether your addiction is food, alcohol, or bad relationships, you can support your transformation with this powerful form of energy medicine.  Often people who suffer from addiction feel that they are weak or lack willpower.  In reality, as Renee Bledsoe of Addiction Alchemy expresses it, “The will is very strong, just misdirected and protecting an illusion.”


You will find more power in love and compassion for yourself than in suffering. Releasing any addiction opens up a whole new way of life—new energy, creativity, joy

and expansion for the life you deserve.  Your needs are unique and different from someone else’s.  To support and nurture your process, Dr. Z will help you discover the kinds of help that work best for you.   Acupoint tapping can help you in the moments of crisis as well as transform your perceptions of who you truly are and what you can really do (you are so much more than you think!). Tapping and alpha wave meditation support healing long-term, including three years post-recovery.

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